climate-babel has authored and contributed to numerous publications and software packages. The publications and software packages with open access are featured below.

Study on impacts of bioenergy production on sustainable development reveals lacking evidence for policy making.

Reference: Robledo-Abad, Carmenza, H.J. Althaus, […], B. Orlowsky, et al. 2016. “Bioenergy Production and Sustainable Development: Science Base for Policy-Making Remains Limited.” GCB Bioenergy,

A book chapter highlights challenges and opportunities of using indicators for assessing climate vulnerability.

Reference: Sterzel, T., B. Orlowsky, H. Förster, A. Weber, and D. Eucker. 2015. “Climate Change Vulnerability Indicators: From Noise to Signal.” In The World of Indicators, edited by Richard Rottenburg, Sally Engle Merry, Sung-Joon Park, and Johanna Mugler, 307–28. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

A package for the computing environment R provides functionality for evaluating Consistency, Homogeneity and Summary Statistics of Climatological Data.

The package is an outcome of the dataclim project of GIZ (see References) and is available here.