climate-babel is a network

climate-babel is a network of independent scientists with year-long experience in climate and climate impact research. climate-babel members come from a large variety of backgrounds, covering a wide range of climate science. The network bundles this range. Within the network, the members adhere to a codex of cooperation, which includes good scientific practice.


Contracts are signed with individual climate-babel members only. If necessary, tasks will be distributed network-internally. Thereby, clients profit from the entire know-how of the network but do not need to deal with unnecessary paperwork. The contracted  climate-babel member is the responsible partner for all project-related questions and concerns.

Small print

We don’t have it. However, you find it maybe interesting to read that

  • we try to maximise exchanges via email or phone to keep costs and CO2-emissions low
  • while knowing about the importance of face-to-face encounters.

We are open for pragmatic solutions.